50,000 hectares of land and 250,000 residents and not one cafe does this place have! i exclaimed to poach, but in truth i am fairly partial to bedok central: the combination of bedok library, the large hawker centre, bargains at neighbourhood shops and the good conversations i always have there make these occasional trips to this eastern town centre pleasant and worthwhile. i was thinking about this a few days ago, when i was at bedok again with minyin, who was paying a visit to the optician. we found masses of $28 frames! funny how i always seem to be prowling bedok central with an easterner like poach or zak alongside like a di pei. (zak was leading to me to illegal dens of pirated vcds and software that only bedokers know about, haha!) and then the week before i had been there with poach again, to return her twelfth night teaching material and to give my teaching report. that was when i was dissuaded from traipsing around in search for a cafe, on account of there being none. no coffee bean, club, cartel, baker's inn, starbucks or even, at a pinch, delifrance or hans to be had! a serious drawback!!