yesterday, i was very hurt, lying in bed thinking curses where's everyone why don't they even bother returning your calls nobody loves me! and today a billion people have called me back saying, hey, we're in new york/richmond/california/etc and sorry we just got your message are you alive? so i feel comforted.

now that i am able to do some work finally, sleep, which had not been forthcoming when i had needed it, is rapidly falling on me. i'm struggling to pack and do work and not shut my eyes because if i do i won't wake up again but it's overcoming me. fight it! i'm hungry and perhaps i should order some food otherwise it's back to more jell-o. poach says to me she likes jello; well, so DID i. why this is jell-o, nor am i out of it. as i was explaining to yt this morning, when i asked christine if she could get some jell-o from the supermarket, i meant the prepared kind, not the powdered mix, which is why i now have to sit ard waiting for it to congeal before i can eat. which, most unfortunately, was also why i had said to get about 10 packs of it, thinking of small cups. right now i have enough jello mix to last me a very long life time. i have got through strawberry, grape and peach and there's still kiwi, black cherry, raspberry, and a load of others to go. i shall have a jell-o shot party one of these days and people can come and finish the stuff for me.

gad i hope i can even be awake tomorrow morning i have a 6am flight. 5 should be okay to call a cab. i need to get my itinerary/receipt printed and that's very lecheh. aiyah i have never been asked for either and for goodness sake i'm the wrong race and nationality for anyone to think i'm a terrorist i shan't bother.

gah i am sleepy very very but i can't possibly go to bed now can i?

i haven't touched "sophie's world" for about 8 or 9 years. when it came out i was quite crazy about it, although most of it has faded, and i certainly wouldn't call it one of my top 50 books, although that doesn't mean i think it's a bad book, just not that high on my list. i went and got it out of alderman library because even though i've decided to discard it for the riddles i thought i'd better go browse through it just out of duty, and then i can say, yeah i looked at it and it wasn't very useful. what happened next is quite to be expected; i started reading the book again. not from beginning to end, of course, but random chapters. i think i'll bring it home with me and read it on the plane. a very handy philosophy textbook for a 12 year old. it won't be on the read-or-be-disowned list of books that i'll give my kids but i will put it on the are-you-my-child-litmus-test list.

gad i'm going to sleep.