was vaguely proud of self when woke up and saw it was only 6.40 and ripe for work then thought about it some more and realised that the computer clock had adjusted itself for daylights saving. cheh! she says. so the hour gained was lost in sleep, afterall.

used to keep my clock on peninsular time, but turned back 12 hours, and it would keep resetting itself in accordance to the time zone when i restarted, and noticing it, i would go hah, would it be called an all-nighter if this really were 3pm?! and switch the am/pm designation, and when you do that it skips forward by another 12, making me 24 hours ahead, and then that would really screw up my date stamps. so after two months i finally switched to eastern time on friday, but forgot it would adjust itself automatically for daylights saving.

i don't want to write my response paper or finish translating for OE. what i really want to do is to blog about wordsworth bookstore, read the outcasts of 19 schuyler place (i wasn't so keen on margaret in silent to the bone, but i quite like her in this one so far.) and stop listening so obsessively to lin zhixuan's lastalbum.