readers of this blog know that there hasn't been a julian and minz does... post for a long time but as the time of mifen morning noon and night slowly draws to an end, and with it the corollary implication that a dissertation will be completed, signed off on, bound, and deposited into the upenn library:

Julian and Minz have a ROMANTIC conversation.

julian: minz
me: yes?
julian: may i dedicate my dissertation to you?
me: OH!
julian: is that a yes?
me: i am speechless.
me: i wonder if this is how i'll feel when someone proposes to me.
julian: heh, one would hope it would be better.
me: i think having a dissertation dedicated to you is a billion times more romantic than being proposed to!
julian: well, you've always been my grad school partner-in-crime, so i figure it feels right.
me: i think i am going to cry.
julian: so is that a yes?
me: what are you talking about?!
julian: no! you still have to say it.
me: of course yes! a thousand times yes!
julian: i had hoped you would be happy.
me: i am! i don't know what to say.
julian: just say you hope i'll finish writing it so there's something to dedicate.
me: what nonsense. i have lots of faith in you...but quick, go and work on it...
me: wait! have i said i love you yet?
julian: I'm not sure, but consider it said...
julian: and thank you
julian: for helping me to get here.