created by three singaporeans, found in..., the public art project, is placing little figurines (as of this morning, about 600 of them, each one unique) in public spaces in the french city of toulouse over the next week. each figurine comes with a card with a url or qr code that allows the finder to register that the figurine is 'found' ( the website logs not only how many figurines are 'found', 'still waiting' or 'lost', but allows users to click on and view every single figurine (with a realtime counter of how long each has been waiting to be found.) that was, however, the second part of the project. prior to installation the figurines were open to anyone in the world for adoption. choose a figurine online and write a message telling the finder what you are waiting for. be waiting for. 'i am waiting,' a figurine read, 'for someone to dance with me.' the finder may wish to reply to the adopter, too: the first replies are beginning to be logged.