i reek of huey sio yew, which my mother daubbed liberally over my back and chest after my evening bath, and must regretfully turn down all invitations, for i have got hives. unless it's shingles, which it better not be because my family is going to japan this week and i don't want to be left behind!

so far i've been advised to: drink water chestnut juice (by my aunt, who is a successful "witch doctor" of sorts) to drink chrysanthemum tea, (boiled by the potful by my mother) to eat more fruits, (dad's input) to give up prawns, (easy) to give up beef, (difficult) to give up chocolate, (outrageous!) to take antihistamines, to apply aloe vera gel, (dad), calamine lotion, (sarah's mum) steroid cream, (sarah's dad), and both parents were sneaky enough to get in "see we always told you you should clean your room more often!" even though i point out that i caught whatever it was outside the house, since i left home at 5pm after a fresh shower with skin pristine and came home at 11pm with hives, and that i've been living in my room for the last 12 months without mishap, but will they listen? the persistent illogic of parents when they desire to wring a moral lesson out of something is staggering.

needless to say i haven't done any of the things on my monday list, except return library books, on account of being cooped up in the house, itching.