i conflated the rainforest landscape with craggy mountains and sarah, ariel, ponder the baby ape, and myself are in the wild jungle of 54 jalan naung. thick undergrowth (towels and blankets) beneath our feet and our way obstructed by rocks and boulders (pillows and suitcases) we can hide in caves and nooks (more pillows and corners and duvets) and beneath massive trees with buttress roots forming a canopy (duvets on chairs.) replete with liana (clothes hanging on back of chair.) the jungle is full of spies and sentries (various bears) and littered with corpses (mouse, pushkin the fish) and there is a mute prisoner to be rescued (robert dudley the retarded bear.) we may meet some helper figures (guyon the white bear and vlad the bat) but there are also those whose loyalties we are uncertain of (publius the rabbit.) we strategise by day (room lights blazing), but soon the jungle darkens and the setting sun (desk lamp) hovers one last moment on the horizon and sinks out of sight. darkness. we crouch and crawl to our hiding places and huddle while the monsters emerge and prowl. they can smell the lollipops we are eating, so we must finish them before the sun sets. we attempt to rescue robert and ariel (who was separated from us) and seek the magic flower (a beige leather flower unpinned from a handbag) that blooms only at night, and all we have in addition to our courage is a trail-masking cloak (dark grey fleece sweater) loaned by the wise guyon bear.