what a to-do we had yesterday! the police turned up, and so did the AVA (singapore's veterinary authorities,) because there's a rampant grey monkey in jalan naung and they're trying to catch it! my dad has sealed all the open air vents with metal screens and shut all the upper windows in the house. so far it hasn't bitten or scratched anyone, or got into houses and destroyed anything, though it did try to go into the back garden, having mistaken some lobsterclaw heliconias for bananas. there're many small children on our street, and baby dylan in our particular house, and everyone is worried about germs, fleas and rabies. the AVA has given us traps, but the monkey is still at large. it was sitting on a neighbour's gate post this morning when i was coming home from breakfast, and i saw it scampering about on the roof of another neighbour later in the day. jolly big it is too, and rather threatening, and getting into people's dustbins and opening up the bags of rubbish and scattering the contents. hands are infinitely more destructive than claws and beaks.