the answer to this would vastly improve my quality of life, so shy not from suggestions, gentle readers:

where can i get a lamp that is both elegant and clamps to a bed's headboard, so i can read in bed? after the bedroom reconfiguration there's no room for a nightstand so table lamps avail me not at all. my bed backs onto a window so i can't affix something permanent above it. i don't want a floor lamp (what would be the point? you want to reach out sleepily and give the lamp a prod and fall back upon your pillow. i couldn't reach the switch of a standing lamp if i'm horizontal.)

associated query: what's with all these shaded bedside lamps that seem all the rage? they look fancy but what they provide is dim, flickering light and seem designed for amorousness rather than good illumination for in-bed reading. which is, you must admit, a damn silly thing to have: why would you choose mood lighting over a good reading lamp? you might seduce a man once, but if you can't read in bed with him there is no long term future is there? it stands to reason that if he's not a reader you needn't bother, and if he is you'd both be glad for a sensible reading lamp, and that's really all the reason you need for the one over the other. besides, things will have come to a pretty pass if i needed mood lighting to seduce a man. q, she says, e.d.

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