i complained to von, while having breakfast in the dunster house dining hall, that muffins were only good on top and completely insipid within. why hasn't anyone invented a muffin that is all crust and no interior? von's answer was that it is not in the nature of muffins to be all crust and no interior, so we left it at that.

so i go to the panera cafe on nassau street, outside the gates of princeton university, thinking to get a spot of breakfast, for i had a good 50 minutes to go before my interview with profeesor d. vance smith, and what do you suppose i come upon?


a muffie is a saucer-shaped shallow-pan muffin that is wide as your palm and no thicker than a finger and what is so crucial is that it is ALL CRUST. i was so delighted by the discovery i bought two of them and being completely unwise ate them both at a shot and went quite green at the gills after.

anyhow, it is greatly satisfying to know these things exist.