my dad and i went out today to shop for a red shirt that he can wear to ndp. (my mum said smugly, "haha, wo you xu duo hong se de shang yi, bu yong mai") it's the first time we're going to ndp and i think i'm feeling increasingly excited about it, even if von thinks my attitude is deplorable. addy's going with us too. oh! and we've got grandstand tickets, and that without us lifting a finger. *beam* i've never felt ndp was quite the sort of thing i want to go to, and i dread the idea of the heat and the crowd, but as i get older i get more fond of kitschy o my country i'm wearing red and white and let's wave at the prime minister and that sort of thing. heh. and eminently sensible people like poach and cindy tell me they enjoy themselves at ndp so that should be and even if it is boring there're the fireworks to look out for. it's probably worth going once for the experience! .