no time even for the three-second review, only hurriedly stopping by to say that, having missed the one in may i made it to the second edition of off the rails last weekend -- and how glad i went. if this sort of thing had been going on when we were teenagers at the ghim moh campus we would never have gone home after school, would we? two rows of fluorescent light tubes like oversized and fuzz-edged light sabers on the disused railway tracks illuminating the continuous ebb and flow of people at a pop-up reggae party; live bands on a temporary stage at one end of the tunnel, finger food and rum from the kitchens of lime house at the other. under the bridge small crowds gather behind the graffiti artists each at work on their murals; zentai performance artists slinking through the crowd. a cavern of sorts throbbing with music and movement, yet only barely above us HDB life and ordinary road traffic -- in such proximity i am amazed each is invisible from the other. one follows the tracks away from the party, and as light runs out one hovers before the darkness and overgrowth in wondering surmise, uncertain, then retreating.

july 18, 2015. rail corridor art space.