i have noticed that most melbourners (or melbournites?) have severe parking anxiety. 1P? quarter-P? 2P? where did you leave the car? could you find a space? gotta go move it now, quickly, how long are we going to stay, how long more are we going to stay, i must go and move the car! they have inner parking inspectors the way singaporeans have self-censureship and OB markers, and possibly where other cultures have bogeymen. at first i found it endearing. afterwards i began to get uneasy as well, but also very much irritated at their jitters and nervous compliance. grown men and women so afraid of a ticket behind the wipers! show defiance! give the parking inspector a good bosh on the head! honk at him! refuse to move your car! what is the matter with all of you?

but i expect that's what the rest of the world thinks when they look at us.