admittedly i'm rather suaku when it comes to children's parties not having had any myself but i have spent my weekend making up party bags for bear's upcoming birthday party. they are not all made up yet but when i do the necessary shopping they shall be filled with
  • balloons
  • origami star chains
  • party poppers
  • coiled paper socks you blow to unfurl
  • whistling sparklers
  • feathers on a stick
  • colour paper
  • hairclips
  • erasers
  • masks
  • fruit jelly in cups
  • japanese crackers
  • white rabbit milk candy
  • pinwheels for su-lin
  • wangwang ricecrackers
  • chocolate gold coins
  • seaweed
  • haw flakes
and very possibly what i need are not party bags but party sacks. and if there are any special requests people should tell me now.