oh loves do listen to the half-hour documentary "the radio detectives" on bbc7. now julian, you with your s paper special topic in detective fiction, are you not interested? it's the monday episode (there's one every weekday morning this and next week) i'm calling people's attention to, which is about paul temple. the tuesday episode is sherlock holmes (not a terribly interesting edition, i thought), and i know next monday is peter wimsey (with ian carmichael and jill paton walsh!) and poirot tuesday next (i've only heard three different poirots. i ike john moffatt best, but it'll be good fun hearing the other poirots.) i expect they'll get to inspector west and father brown and so on, later on, though most of these are not truly "radio detectives" in the way paul temple was created as a radio character, but are detectives whose stories have been dramatised for radio.