ought i accept a relief teaching assignment at ri in august? it would be for the whole month, and quite heavy going, since i would be replacing a teacher who is going away to university, and holding the ford until the permanent replacement starts in september, and of course august is an especially bad month for me: i do need to put my own affairs in order, and i want time to spend with my friends. on the other hand i do rather need the money, it would pay for my airfare and for my books to be shipped back to school, and dear lord i just remembered that housing is billed for each term and i'll have to produce the lump sum for it now - and i won't get my stipend check for ages - and even then only in monthly installments. so no, i can't let the money go by. but hell! one whole month of 7.30 assemblies and marking! and have i already told people i'm going to tokyo next week till the end of july, so i won't have that time to spend with all of you, or start packing and such like either.

oh woe, the things we do for money! she says with great philosophy.