Surely I can't be the only one who thinks salt potatoes something of a scam? Sure, I understand the history of the dish and its cultural significance in what is, afterall, the Salt City, and would eat some happily enough if served any, but anyone can make this at home with a pot of boiling water and a massive amount of ordinary table salt, no? Everywhere from roadside farmstands to supermarkets I see it being sold. It would be one thing if they were selling you the cooked version (since I'm not quibbling about the easy reproducibility or otherwise of restaurant food at home) but surely something is badly the matter if they are quite literally selling people (marketed as a brand name no less) a bag of perfectly commonplace raw potatoes that are unprepped in any way, pre-packaged with a bag of also perfectly commonplace table salt of zero distinction. Surely, surely if the fancy for homemade salt potatoes has you in its grip you can go out and buy these two ingredients yourself anyway?

(The good Heath pointed out they forgot to sell you the water to boil it in.)

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