i like these midsomer murders very much: the way inspector barnaby's home life is always interrupted is classic sybil ramkin and sam vimes, and that young brash sergeant of his is rather cute. i hear the books are far better than the series, but i haven't got time for them now. it must be a nuisance for cid men to wear suits though? i mean it makes a good impression when you're on a case and interviewing people, but then they always have to go tearing off after people who bolt, you know, rush up stairs of bell towers, leap over hedges and wrestle criminals holding guns, that manner of things, how on earth do they manage, wearing a suit and hard shoes, to catch anyone at all when the other fellow is in sneakers and trackpants? and i'm sure the cid doesn't pay people enough to keep them in new suits to replace those torn in the line of duty.

on a related note i got around to trying one marshall jevons book and as a result am considerably less enthusiastic. i like the economics of it, but there isn't enough of it, and the writing is no good, and i do mind that very much.