There is a moment (when you watch the American eat his first Old Chang Kee puff) that is so very gratifying. He is munching on it and it is obvious he thinks, well now this curry pastie thingy is not bad at all, and then he bites into the bit with the wedge of egg and suddenly you can tell that what was hitherto to him a 3.5 star experience has shot up by one star.


Yesterday the American went out on his own, ended up at a neighbourhood mall in Bedok, and reported afterwards that he had "a curry puff and satay and a small llao llao, and a riceburger and various kinds of juice."

Old Chang Kee, Llao llao and Mosburger in the same day -- not even one week and practically a heartlander now.


The American is singing about his favourite Singaporean foods to the tune of My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music. It starts "Egg tarts and cheese tarts and Old Chang Kee C'rry puff!"

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