I wake to find my 'Sunrise Man' had left me a voice message overnight -- his journey from Durban back to Taipei transited through Singapore. With only a lean 3-hour connection in the wee smalls there could have been no opportunity for an earlier reunion; indeed he had never let me known ahead of time that his journey would have taken him through Changi. The message was warm, and said he was waiting for his connecting flight at Changi and just wanted me to know he'd thought of me. An immediate check of the Changi flight schedule lit a hope in me that the boarding might not have yet begun; that real time conversation was still possible, but one grey tick remained by my messages until well past the time of departure. A slight sense of missed opportunity, to have been in sleep when the message came; and of poignancy, to know that he was physically present in Singapore not 17kms from my home, that for a few hours predawn we were both on the small island yet were, ultimately, sequestered from each other. Yet happy to have sat under / Thunder and rain with you / We're dying, Egypt, dying. I shall not lament: Where I had not wished to hope before I am now lightly buoyed by optimism that there shall be our promised rendez-vous, that there shall be a 2024 for us.