Open Letter Press (housed at the University of Rochester!) is fast replacing Dalkey Archive as my favourite American press for translated literatures (but maybe not yet New Directions...)

Also -- Wojciech Nowicki:

"For me, reisefieber is not merely a foreign word, smuggled into my own language, like nachkastlik full of melody, but redundant and outdated. No, reisefieber is a condition impossible to overcome, a stab in the heart, pain that goes away only after I commence my journey. The only medicine for the fear of travel is travel itself."

in Salki, a book that -- though the Sebald-comparisons are inappropriate I think -- has unjustly gone unnoticed by any American review site major or minor (the LARB carried the sole English-language review I did find, and even then only because the reviewer (London-based) was Polish-born -- one wonders if she had not been moved by a familial interest in the idea of Polish identity to review (or indeed to attempt submission in an American review -- that, tellingly, was her sole contribution to the LARB) if even that single mention would have been made of this extraordinary, restless melancholia. (I exclude of course The Complete Review, which is (obviously) where I'd got wind of the book in the first place, but that is hardly a typical site -- long live the CR, etc.)

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