when the world cup is over, i think i'll really miss the tiger beer commercial. our vcr is moribund otherwise i'd tape it for you, poach. the other day i saw it in town on the big screen at the pedestrian crossing outside specialist centre. the truth is, i reflected last night, nothing that makes my blood race about the world cup is really about football at all. it's the people. ah, you know what people always say: the men watch the football and the women watch the players. that one always rankles women who do know what's going on, and it isn't what i mean either (okay but i do have the hots for nakata, i admit it) but i like people-watching. i like to watch the coaches and the referees and the dignitaries in the stands (princess masako was there the other night, in a white suit, clapping her white-gloved hands and smiling serenely. i can't imagine her cheering and shouting though. she didn't i suppose.) i like to comment on the commentators. i love the way the players come onto the field, holding hands with korean and japanese children, i think it's sweet, and i like to wonder what those kids are thinking (wouldn't you like to hold ahn jung hwan's hand?) and what the players think too. i like to see the players shaking hands and posing for photos and i like to watch them as their national anthems are played (yes, clearly i like only the kitschy things) i could go out of the room for ages when the match is on, but i'm glued to the tv once it ends, i want to see the players exchanging shirts, the way they celebrate, console each other, thank the crowd, the post-match interviews.