very often this year i find i am filled with astonished gratitude at having a boss of such uncommon openmindedness and receptivity and quiet confidence.

not only do we communicate regularly, but with a surprisingly high degree of openness and responsiveness, so that we both are in tune with each other's thinking on specific issues as well as each other's feelings about various matters. however busy he is, he makes time to explain the reasons and reasoning behind his decisions and approaches when i question them, without being defensive or impatient. he never feels his authority is being challenged, because he knows that i genuinely care about the issue, and he knows that in return i listen fully to his explanations, and that when i accept he is right i will adjust my thinking and back him fully. and i do back him fully, because over the course the last half year i have come to trust him deeply, by which i mean that in difficult situations i trust he will make up his own mind and act by his own lights, and that his judgment will be sound, that he will not be manipulated or cowed, nor will he make poor compromises if he can help it.

and what i've learnt too is that he has great compassion, conviction, and also moral courage, not impolitic, but in upholding hard decisions he would remain resolute. and i constantly find myself thinking, yes, yes, i can work for someone like that, because his values are worth supporting, worth defending. and it amazes me sometimes that such a person is able to give to his relationships sensitivity and respect too, by which i mean there is much mutual awareness of how we, in our interactions, affect each other and other people emotionally.

i am learning a lot from him too, in having tact, and being just, and not being hasty, and not being subjective, and in believing.