and again, much rain today. met with zakir and terence and ayako (terence's visiting friend and classmate from wesleyan) at city hall for a late (9pm) dinner at capitol building's magic wok. belachan kangkong, thai fried squid, pandan chicken, prawnball beancurd soup and oyster omelette came to $40 only, and after that i persuaded everyone to go to baker's inn at dhoby ghaut for dessert (so that i could go home on the nel, hehe.) zak is working at mendaki, researching policy. and of course, he leaves for new york in two weeks, where he'll start at columbia's school of journalism in august. smartypants! exclaimed terence, when he heard. terence is interning at dow jones, and spends all his time surfing the net, when he isn't covering court cases, criticising interpreters and working on his devious plans to become an i-banker. such high-flying friends i have, she says morosely.