under the influence of life of pi i have persuaded my family into an excursion to the singapore zoological gardens; it only leaves to determine when. i've been meaning to go to the zoo since minyin did her internship with the zoo veterinary service, and that was before i went off to college! i have been to the night safari three times and am very fond of it, my last visit being three years ago when christine came to visit, but the zoo, not since i was very little. i did get as far as the gates in sec two (when cindy was researching primates for irs!) but that doesn't count, since we didn't gain admission.

i have no wish to breakfast with ah meng (or lunch with the lions. one hopes lunch with the lions doesn't turn into lunch for the lions) although i am curious about the new hamadryas baboons exhibit and rather interested in the reptile exhibit which unlike conventional reptile houses doesn't have glass enclosures but allows you to walk through a garden of free ranging reptiles. (the phrase free ranging reptiles sounds some what peculiar doesn't it, i don't expect monitor lizards and iguanas to saunter and strut, although i concede that snakes being gliders can very well range, and that i wouldn't want a crocodile to chase me - i understand they move very fast)

i am excited about my zoo trip!

p.s. i am further informed by my young cousin who knows about these things that upon paying $50 you could go right up to a cheetah but i haven't got fifty dollars to spare and anyway i don't want to go up to a cheetah, particularly as, if its temper does not hold, there's little chance one might outrun it.